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Education for the Mind and Spirit

Ideal Academy was established in Dallas, Texas in 1985 by Dr. Ray Campbell.

This institution was founded on Christian principles and continues to thrive today under the direction and leadership of Mrs. Shelia Campbell. As director, Mrs. Campbell continues to practice the same principles and integrity that was set forth by the founder.

Our goal is to prepare each child with the tools necessary to become successful and productive individuals. Our philosophy is to reach the whole child by instilling a biblical and educational foundation.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe in providing our students with outstanding curriculum built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training.

Why us?

Ideal Academy is committed to helping children establish a solid foundation for their future. Our goal is to provide them with a God centered pattern of education. Our purpose is to operate a Kindergarten, early childhood center, before and after school care, and to provide high quality education and child care for working families. Ideal Academy was established over 25 years ago and continue to thrive and excel in every area of education.

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